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Mad World 

    I can't even recall the first time I ever heard of Tears for Fears. I just know that I have never heard song by them that didn't got into me independently of what I was going through at the moment. This particular one from my video "Mad World" is very special to me. Its one of those songs I wished I've written, but couldn't express myself so well as the original writer did. Personally, living in NYC (and you might agree) can be a delight OR a bitch sometimes. I'm able to see first hand how "mad" this world is and if you take a walk at night in the Big Apple you will hear the lyrics resonate perfectly. Again, the band did an amazing work and I'm honored to make my own version of it.

    It was Halloween night around Canal street and lucky me, I had a camera to capture every moment of one of my favorite times of the year. Some people will dress up in costumes to make pretend, some seem to be more comfortable in normal clothes. There are also those who wish it was Halloween everyday as if they find their truest selfs by wearing whatever the hell they want without worrying about the 9 to 5 crew. For today I infiltrate myself and only observe.  

    It's intriguing to watch the parade, the amount of work necessary artists put in in order to bring joy to adults and children. It's also fun to watch people watching the parade, interacting with that make-believe world that would last only a few hours before they would come back to their routine. Sometimes I think we could preserve a bit of that mindset for our day to day lives. With the madness, the greed, the competition, and excessive ambition some of us might miss valuable moments of joy to be carried for the rest of our existence.  

  One Halloween night gives us a taste of how things were when we were little. Entices the imagination and enriches the soul. This video documents and concludes my observing session and might even remind us not to escape reality, but to live the moment in truth (if you can) and allow yourself to play a bit in this mad world.

Thanks for listening.

Yours truly,