Inspiration: The Mesmerizing Anna Karina

Happy Monday everyone! On this post I gathered some inspiration on one of my favorite muses of all times , Danish actress Anna Karina. Her style and attitude were considered quite avant-garde  for the time. They are highlighted on her most famous movies such as "Une Femme est une Femme" as 7 of them were directed by her ex-husband Jean-Luc Godard. These two completely changed the film-making scene in France during the 1950s- 1960s which gave the official name to the period of the "French New Wave". I just love how these indie movies were made in that era, perfectly/imperfect and I try to take similar approach to my music. Also it is very empowering to women in my opinion as Anna's role usually communicated a strong, independent, sexually liberated woman. Definitely recommend checking out her movies, I only found one available free on Youtube: "Le Petit Soldat"  But you can also rent on the channel for $1.99 what's really worth in my opinion... 

Click here to rent "Une Femme est Une Femme" 


I hope you enjoyed this inspiration post for the week. If you think I could have added anything else please let me know as your feedback can really be useful to me. Have a beautiful week!

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