How I Found My Purpose

The earth is precisely 4.543 billion years of age, which seems like an eternity compared to the data that presents that our early ancestors have been around for only 6 million years. And while the life expectancy of a human living in this planet is barely 80 years of age I keep on thinking on how our time here can be so short.

The two most important days of one’s life are the day we're are born, and the day we find our purpose.

After finishing high-school in Brazil, I had the chance to move to the USA in order to study Business Administration. Even though I was fully aware of how amazing this opportunity was, I still felt like I didn't have a lot of direction. Sort of winging it and dealing with situations as they presented themselves. Not really knowing how to navigate my own life. Surprisingly it was at business school that I started to understand the meaning adulthood and success. The world seemed to be less black and white and I started the journey to better define my reason for existing.

During that process, I came to the realization that if I wanted to be successful, I had to follow my heart. So after getting my Associates in Business Administration I transferred schools and joined the Music program at the City University of New York in order to follow my passion. I aspired to be a musician who adds value to our community and helps others.

The music industry is very complex and there are a million ways to approache it. So to help me find my way through it I read many books. I also did a lot of inner-searching in order to find my purpose and put it in writing. During my research I came across a very special book called "Start with Why". Simon Sinek, the author describes our WHY as the reason which we get up in the morning. Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.

In the quest to discover my WHY I thought of my abilities, goals, passions, hobbies, etc… Nothing seemed to make sense though. As the days passed I wrote enough possible options for my WHY to fill up my entire notebook. During a moment of frustration I had the epiphany: My purpose doesn't need to be perfect; It should come to me naturally.

Through a lot of introspection I came to the conclusion 3 major things about myself that I knew for sure. First, I adore to write, compose and perform as well as being around those who also appreciate music. Second, I always enjoyed to challenge and to be challenged, especially when it comes to our society values. Third, I was never the kind of person to settles for the unfortunate circumstances. I see immense power in working and collaborating with others in order to make incredible things.

Those gave me a glance on how I wished to spend the remainder of my time here on Earth. Knowing all of my strengths and weaknesses I wrote my following WHY:

“To entertain, challenge and inspire others so that we can empower one another”

Finally, I could take my steps to a more precise direction with my actions and my art. I believe that finding my WHY allowed me to take more control of my life and what I want to represent. I encourage you to find yours as well. We might not live long or even be remembered after we pass. But the true success is the one we find within.

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