Behind the Curtains of "Don't Be Gentle"

Emotion / Excitement / Passion, feelings you've felt before? 

Well, that was me, in South Beach, Miami... Soaking up the sun rays and trying to soak up my reality that I was filming my first music video... My dream, come true. #DontBeGentle <3 


There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs. One click lead me to meet great professionals of the music industry Daniel Restrepo & Samir Patel who helped me to transmit the "Don’t Be Gentle" message into this music video.  

Hard work, determination, TEAM WORK is what made the day go so magically smooth! On my very first music video I had the pleasure of having my friends Jeremy and Ayrton who are also big inspirations for me and made me feel so comfortable on set, cannot thank them enough for all their support!  




"Don't Be Gentle" is a song written for strong, independent women who appreciate being treated as such, and bold enough to say "You don’t have to be Gentle, not around a woman like me…" 

My purpose in life is to entertain, inspire and challenge you to be strong, resilient to fears and empowered to make your dreams come true. Let's change the world together!

These are some exclusive behind-the-scene photos for you to enjoy. This is my dream and you're now part of it. Listen & download "Don't Be Gentle" as well my recently released EP "The Crescent Calling" here >



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Believe in yourself, no matter how big or DARING!



Watch "Don't Be Gentle" here


Directed by: Daniel Restrepo  

Produced by: Patel Images  

Styling: Jillian Schwabe  

Makeup: Lina Restrepo  

Special thanks to: Ayrton Ramos, Jeremy Cordero and Danny Silva


Yours Truly & Until Next Time,

Carol Borges

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