Mad World 

    I can't even recall the first time I ever heard of Tears for Fears. I just know that I have never heard song by them that didn't got into me independently of what I was going through at the moment. This particular one from my video "Mad World" is very special to me. Its one of those songs I wished I've written, but couldn't express myself so well as the original writer did. Personally, living in NYC (and you might agree) can be a delight OR a bitch sometimes. I'm able to see first hand how "mad" this world is and if you take a walk at night in the Big Apple you will hear the lyrics resonate perfectly. Again, the band did an amazing work and I'm honored to make my own version of it.

    It was Halloween night around Canal street and lucky me, I had a camera to capture every moment of one of my favorite times of the year. Some people will dress up in costumes to make pretend, some seem to be more comfortable in normal clothes. There are also those who wish it was Halloween everyday as if they find their truest selfs by wearing whatever the hell they want without worrying about the 9 to 5 crew. For today I infiltrate myself and only observe.  

    It's intriguing to watch the parade, the amount of work necessary artists put in in order to bring joy to adults and children. It's also fun to watch people watching the parade, interacting with that make-believe world that would last only a few hours before they would come back to their routine. Sometimes I think we could preserve a bit of that mindset for our day to day lives. With the madness, the greed, the competition, and excessive ambition some of us might miss valuable moments of joy to be carried for the rest of our existence.  

  One Halloween night gives us a taste of how things were when we were little. Entices the imagination and enriches the soul. This video documents and concludes my observing session and might even remind us not to escape reality, but to live the moment in truth (if you can) and allow yourself to play a bit in this mad world.

Thanks for listening.

Yours truly,


Carol Borges X Black Doll Boutique  

The shoot took place at the Hudson River park and also at the Jane Hotel with performer Christina Christoffi (girl on the left). Suski, the designer makes her own clothes and is a true Girl Boss. As female artists we came together to present to you the new F/W 2018 collection at Black Doll Boutique 

Shop the New Collection HERE

The 3 Best Bedside Books About Music 

We musicians need to educate ourselves in all the sides involved in the making and the business of music. Our art is complex and there's much to be learned from various sources available to us. It's true that Google, Youtube and Music blogs can provide us with quickly easy information. However, my go-to major source are still the great books containing reliable information based in extensive proper research. And who doesn't love the smell of a new book? 

There are thousands of Music books available on the market today. For every genre, taste, specialty and tone of voice. I personally have listened to audiobooks and read dozens of hand-picked physical books that have served me very well and continue to. Most of those choices were obviously based on my needs at the moment as an artist. Others I consider to be crucially necessary for any kind of musical artist in this century. I've selected 3 essential books below that I extremely recommend and have stretched my knowledge to a higher degree.


#1 The Poetry of Pop by Adam Bradley
Click to buy


Studying poetry is the primary basis to start good lyrics. The analysis Adam Bradley made on "Diamonds" written by Sia completely enchanted me to think that words matter. Everything about them matters; what they mean, how they sound, how they work in context with one-another and how we can manipulate them to say what we want to say and make listeners feel and think a certain way. 

Whether you're a Pop composer or not I believe this book is a very interesting read. Like it or not, Pop is a very... "popular ", and that genre of music says a lot about who we are as a society. More precisely the rhythmic and expressions are the way we talk, walk, feel, live! I've always loved Pop music and when I actually took the action of learning how it works I've gained an immense respect for those who compose the famous catchy lyrics we have stuck in our heads (whether we like it or not).


#2 How Music Works by David Byrne
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In order to craft music, one needs to understand how it works. David Byrne is an historian and anthropologist, raconteur, social scientist and a hell of an author. This book is easy to understand and its really on how our brains and society works and how it transcend into beautiful music. It will take you on a journey better than any Netflix series you've been watching. It will transport you though the ancient African tribes and their early musical makings. For Byrne music is a beautiful result of a cultural circumstance.


#3 - All You Need To Know About The Music Business
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The author Donald S. Passman successfully condensed an extreme amount of valuable information in ONE book. This one was recommended to me by a friend who's Entertainment Lawyer and worked at Sony Music for over 10 years. I can say that inside this "Music Bible" there's extremely valuable information every musician should know. I'd suggest to always keep this book at home for a quick research as needed. It will make you aware of many legal and bureaucratic sides of the Music Business so you know how to avoid somebody take advantage of you and your art. It doesn't have ALL that you need to know but it's pretty close.

Hopefully you will grab one of those soon and start your journey through the pages. I'd love to know which other music books do you love/recommend?

Behind the Curtains of "Don't Be Gentle" 

Emotion / Excitement / Passion, feelings you've felt before? 

Well, that was me, in South Beach, Miami... Soaking up the sun rays and trying to soak up my reality that I was filming my first music video... My dream, come true. #DontBeGentle <3 


There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs. One click lead me to meet great professionals of the music industry Daniel Restrepo & Samir Patel who helped me to transmit the "Don’t Be Gentle" message into this music video.  

Hard work, determination, TEAM WORK is what made the day go so magically smooth! On my very first music video I had the pleasure of having my friends Jeremy and Ayrton who are also big inspirations for me and made me feel so comfortable on set, cannot thank them enough for all their support!  




"Don't Be Gentle" is a song written for strong, independent women who appreciate being treated as such, and bold enough to say "You don’t have to be Gentle, not around a woman like me…" 

My purpose in life is to entertain, inspire and challenge you to be strong, resilient to fears and empowered to make your dreams come true. Let's change the world together!

These are some exclusive behind-the-scene photos for you to enjoy. This is my dream and you're now part of it. Listen & download "Don't Be Gentle" as well my recently released EP "The Crescent Calling" here >



We've been working incredibly hard to put on an amazing content for you. ​​​Our efforts have been paying off as I've been able to reach thousands of new followers these past few weeks, but we want to continue our momentum after the release of this new music video. Please follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Make sure to share it with your music-loving friends.


Believe in yourself, no matter how big or DARING!



Watch "Don't Be Gentle" here


Directed by: Daniel Restrepo  

Produced by: Patel Images  

Styling: Jillian Schwabe  

Makeup: Lina Restrepo  

Special thanks to: Ayrton Ramos, Jeremy Cordero and Danny Silva


Yours Truly & Until Next Time,

Carol Borges

Inspiration: The Mesmerizing Anna Karina 

Happy Monday everyone! On this post I gathered some inspiration on one of my favorite muses of all times , Danish actress Anna Karina. Her style and attitude were considered quite avant-garde  for the time. They are highlighted on her most famous movies such as "Une Femme est une Femme" as 7 of them were directed by her ex-husband Jean-Luc Godard. These two completely changed the film-making scene in France during the 1950s- 1960s which gave the official name to the period of the "French New Wave". I just love how these indie movies were made in that era, perfectly/imperfect and I try to take similar approach to my music. Also it is very empowering to women in my opinion as Anna's role usually communicated a strong, independent, sexually liberated woman. Definitely recommend checking out her movies, I only found one available free on Youtube: "Le Petit Soldat"  But you can also rent on the channel for $1.99 what's really worth in my opinion... 

Click here to rent "Une Femme est Une Femme" 


I hope you enjoyed this inspiration post for the week. If you think I could have added anything else please let me know as your feedback can really be useful to me. Have a beautiful week!

How to Create your Branding as a Musician 

As a professional Musician, your music must come first by all means, but it's also important to have a defined style and brand identity presented to your fanbase. It will help you stand out in a crowd online and also make your fans understand your values and beliefs. This definition will be crucial in order to guide how you want to be seen by dictating the content you create for those who believe the most in you.

These simple steps can take a long time to be put on paper and they serve for your personal orientation, so feel free to edit them as needed on your journey.

1- Know Your WHY

    This might be the hardest and most crucial step in creating your brand identity. The WHY is your slogan for the reason you're doing what you're doing. An example of a company who has a strong WHY is Apple's "Think Different".

    Ask yourself the following: Why are you doing music? What do you wish to accomplish with your art? How is your music going o make a difference? What causes do you care about?
    Really take your time and reflect before putting pen to paper. The WHY must be a phrase that summarizes all these answers to questions above. The slogan is written for your guidance so you don't have to necessarily tell it to anyone like some do. It's better to show it by creating content to effectively achieve your goals and attract the people who believe in the same things as you do.

For more, read my blog post on how I found my WHY here: How I Found My Purpose

2-Create a unique style

    If you're a fan of the "White Stripes" like me, you know their color palette black, white and red is very consistent with any visual content they create. While Jack White's solo work is recognized by the color blue. This kind of assimilation of an artist with specific patterns and schemes can be very powerful when establishing a brand identity.

Though it can get boring to be using the same colors over and over on your social media platforms, videos, and clothing. It can be extremely helpful to at least have something that differentiates you from the crowd. Having too many things going on that don't make sense can be overwhelming for those who follow you online and also on your live performances. My tip: a Pinterest board of images that represent your music more visually can help create patterns and that image that you want to express to your fans. Use the board for your personal guidance when doing a social media plan so you can be organized and efficient.

3-Tell a Story

   Many artists end up writing generic bios while missing the opportunity of really connecting to their fans in a deeper level. As short as it can be, be genuine and tell people who you are, how did you become a musician, what music means for you and why you should keep doing it. You might want to create versions of your bio in different lengths to better appropriate the platform. The important is to tell a story and show your personality.

4-Invest in Quality Photos

    It's a total game changer when you have your pictures taken by an actual Photographer. Even though most of us have some kind of smartphone or even expensive equipment, a professional has been dedicating his life to Photography and will bring the best out of every image of you or your band. There are so many ways to find them on Instagram and there are also those who are working to update their portfolio who might agree to do a collaboration with you. 

Finally, I hope these tips are useful for you or your band and please let me know if you would add anything else to this list

SUNDAY PLAYLIST: Vive la France! 

Happy Sunday! I've put together a playlist of some of favorite French (or french speakers) musicians of all times. They have been a major source of inspirations for my own compositions since I was little. hope you enjoy it

5 Awesome Online Tools Every Musician Should Know About 

As this week starts out and new projects are coming up, I've made a short list of the 5 websites every musician should be aware of. Hopefully at least 1 one them will be useful for you today


1. Sonicbids > connects music venues to musicians online. It works in a similar way to Craigslist, but it's reliable and easy to navigate. I recommend Sonicbids to musicians who are already stablished and looking to be more efficient.

The best part is that you can use it to book for music festivals and across different cities of the country. There are the change of applying for contests and of course it naturally connects musicians and give you some kind of exposure. It is a paid subscription service for as low as $132/year or $19.99/month. However, the website is offering discounts regularly. Especially around the holidays you could get a deal of as low as $66/year. 

2. Bandzoogle >

A lot of musicians say that they don't need a website. For them, social media platforms are enough to keep them in touch with fans and handle business opportunities. What they probably don't know is that having a web page does more for them than they could imagine. For example, it links your band's name to metadata crucial to make you more "findable" on Google. Also, makes your brand stronger and its a way of having your fans know more about you.

Bandzoogle is a platform for musicians to construct they own website. Anyone can try it for free and it's very easy to navigate. You can link your own url and also use tools such as Google Analytics to see some very compelling data that could dictate your next steps. This service makes it very easy to create your own look through a web page. To upload music, set a blog, an online store for your merchandise.One of my favorite features is that once you subscribe you have the option of making a business email with your own url.

3. LANDR >

LANDR is an online service who offers Mastering of your songs for a reasonable price and also online distribution to major platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. There are different plans to fit each musician and the interface of the website is pretty well done. You can also collect data directly from your account on LANDR to keep track of your success and the best part is that you can keep 100%of the royalties generated by your material. Even though musicians shouldn't rely too much on those I believe it's fair and it feels great to own your creation.

4. Patreon >

Musicians or any other kind of creator who is supplying a crowd with quality content should at least try Patreon. It allows your fans to compensate your work and effort for providing the entertainment they love. It gives you the freedom to express yourself while getting the proper support from those who believe in you the most.

It seems that it's important to have continuous material coming up regularly in order to succeed in this platform. It's inspiring to even browse in the Patreon website and see some of the creators growing to be better without ruining their creative vision.

5. Tweet for a Track >

An easy way to promote you music is asking your friends and fans to tell others. In exchange of a Twitter or Facebook post your fans will get a free download of your music instantly on their email. Simple and fun! Every musician should give this a try for sure.

Thank you for reading the post. Please let me know if you would add any other website to this list and also your experience with some of these tools

Inspiration: The 1920s 

I've always been fond of the 1920s style. It's known as the Jazz Age and it influenced the way women dressed, behaved and thought. A time of liberation right after the end of the period of the Great Depression I've made this collection to inspire you this week. A mixture of the old and some modern looks influenced by the 20s